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Way More Mapping (and Dancing) than Blogging

August 15, 2015

I must remember to write blog posts with no reference to things that just happened, or are about to happen, because either they do or they don’t, then I have to post something else new or correct what I though might happen. Which I should do. I mean how hard is it? It helps when I remember the password to the blog. It helps when I’m not depressed to think it doesn’t matter what I write. It helps to just do it (when the urge strikes). Free write!

Time keeps speeding along. Many years ago the amazing Afro-Hatian dance instructor at CCSF, Miss Watson, forbade us from saying “I don’t have enough time” because it sets up a mindset of lack. The corresponding direction (and/or contradiction) in Re-evaluation Counseling is to say (regardless of actual circumstance) “I have all the time I need” and see what thoughts come up. When not distracted by other philoosophical directions, my RC teachers also say “Decide, Act, Discharge.” After too many years of discharging/sessioning about what I want to do or can’t do or wish I could do, I have decided one good application of this philosophy is in dance, be it salsa, Zumba, obon, or dancing with my sweetie. Ain’t nothing like making order of, and internalizing, then sharing, semi-comprehensible dance steps, to get me to pay attention and just do it, feel the feelings later, or feel the feelings and do it anyhow. It’s been a year of dancing against my better judgement, and it’s been a really good year. I can take that dance class experience and apply it to the rest of my life. On a good day.

The salsa rueda classes we took this summer at ODC in the Mission District were good also for frequent partner trading – there is always something to be learned by the way each partner dances a little differently. But I sure do like the one that brung me.

To update the preceding blog posts, we’ve led three more Coastwalks, printed the third edition of San Francisco and Santa Cruz, and overhauled the Tamalpais map. Dad died. My Coastside 2nd edition is temporarily stuck at third base. And I’ve done a thousand maps for other people. Authors, editors, artists, land managers, the general public. Two more are due today, so I won’t say what else I’m planning to write, but I hope to be back.