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Santa Cruz is Coming!

April 18, 2013

We’ve been exploring odds and ends for the 3rd edition of Trails of Santa Cruz, which will be out in late Spring, 2013. The biggest additions will be the new multiuse trail through Pogonip. We discovered two  pleasant loop trails in Twin Lakes State Park on the inland side of Schwann Lagoon, and remapped most of the trails in DeLaveaga Park. Like our San Francisco map, we’ll show shaded relief, shopping areas, and views. It was a pleasure just to rattle around in Santa Cruz and Aptos again from our base camp at the Knights Inn on Beach Hill.

The Walkers Map of San Francisco is having a good time and wishes you were here. Thanks to collaborator Susan Schwartzenberg, a big poster of the SF map is in the “Map Room” of the Exploratorium, which just reopened in its new home on Pier 15 (April 17, 2013).

If YOU would like a big wall map of San Francisco we have a supply of unfolded north and south halves which you can tape together. You’ll need a wall space 34 inches wide x 60 inches tall – no easy feet in this cluttered age of ours but maybe you’re a neatnik AND a geographer. I had to pick one and that’s why the house is filled with books and maps.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Shiz is wrapping up work on 2 dozen maps for a new book by Rebecca Solnit, Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas. (UC Press, November 2013). My sole involvement, other than creating base maps, was the map for “39 Sundays” showing Second Line parade routes. It’s like a transit map where all the stops are bars and social clubs.

Another project this winter was to redo all the open space preserve maps for Marin County Parks. Started out just adding their new “hawk” logo but ended up restyling everything. The maps are bolder and cleaner than before with shaded relief. With 23 preserves spread across 20 maps, there are numerous times when changing one trail affected several adjacent maps. In the “everything old is new again” department, we are considering doing several large-format maps that cover the region (like the brochures done in the 1990s but with good maps).

Happy Trails!