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Invisible City: a San Francisco Atlas is on 99% Invisible

December 17, 2010

One of the joys of the last year has been collaborating with author Rebecca Solnit on maps for her new book, Infinite City: a San Francisco Atlas. We did 22 maps for the book, juxtaposing Buddhist sites and salmon streams; industries of the 1960s and bars open today at 6 AM; where scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo crossed paths with 19th century photographer Edward Muybridge (inventor of stop-motion photography), and so forth. We had a great time putting Rebecca’s ideas and Stella Lochman’s data on the map, then seeing how UC Press’s talented designer Lia Tjandra transformed our rough art into 19th century masterpieces, and also how the more than 2 dozen authors and artists tied the threads together. 

The Atlas has been everywhere recently (even though it’s sold out of its first printing – new ones on the way by the end of December). Most recently this morning, on KALW’s marvelous little 5-minute broadcast “99% Invisible. Producer Roman Mars and Rebecca Solnit talked about two of Shiz’s maps: Death and Beauty (homicides and cypress trees throughout the city) and Treasure Map (49 places around the city we know and love, from WPA murals to buried ships and  nesting herons). Roman’s December 13th blog post has images of two maps and a good portion of the intro text, plus a link to the podcast. Pease Press in a pPodcast!