The Walker’s Map of San Francisco is available in stores!

As a child of the mid-to-late 1960s I imprinted on K-Tel records ads on TV, and the phrase “Not Available in Stores!”  At long last, this no longer applies to The Walker’s Map of San Francisco (AKA Trails of San Francisco). I’ve been under the gun since starting to advertise it last year in BayNature and the Bored Feet Press catalog, thinking I’d be done in a couple weeks. Along the way, the map shape-shifted, shrank, stuck out its tongue, went on vacation to Italy, grew 150%, and shape-shifted, but I was finally able to stick it to a marvelous format before the next earthquake or disaster struck the city it shows in such marvelous detail. 

With Thanksgiving behind us, I’m happy to report the map IS available in stores. There’s a list of stores on our website, which I’ll update as more locations come aboard. In downtown San Francisco, it’s at Alexander Book Company and The Green Arcade; in the northern half of the city it’s at Russian Hill Bookstore, the Warming Hut, Green Apple, and Japonica. It’s at Bird and Beckett in Glen Park, and at Books Inc. (various locations) and I’m pretty sure it’s at Book Passage (Corte Madera and SF Ferry Building). 

Pretty soon we should have it in a couple bookstores on Valencia, plus Bernal Heights and Noe Valley. I haven’t found just the right store in the Inner Sunset District (which for all other purposes is the city’s perfect commercial district), but something will come up. Getting it into REI through the proper channels should happen in a month or two. 

In the East Bay, try Moe’s and Builder’s Booksource in Berkeley; on the Peninsula, Kepler’s in Menlo Park; in Marin try Book Passage

Not entirely believing the map would be finished until I held it in my hot little hand, I FINALLY added the map to my catalog, so you can take a peek and order by mail. Suggested retail price is $7.95. With sales tax the price is $8.76 each.  Add $0.50 per map for postage. On my website you order the old-fashioned way by printing out a form and mailing it with a check; if you want to use a credit card and a virtual shopping cart, you can order the map from Bored Feet Press  and check out their great selection of books and maps of Northern California.

updated and re-posted 12/3/2010


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