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Suddenly it’s…July…2010.

July 9, 2010

We were blessed to spend the month of May in a lovely little Italian village at the foot of the Alps, a little north of Ivrea. The house sat at the base of a huge glacial moraine, a little above the valley floor, and all three rooms opened onto a balcony. It was the closest I’ve come to living in a fire lookout. The weather was rainy much of the time and we could sit on the porch and watch the clouds build up, the rain sweep past, and the Alps to our east appear briefly with a new dusting of snow.¬†

I brought along my draft Trails of San Francisco map but did very little direct work on it. Italy was distracting enough it took all our attention. However I did get to explore our area with two marvelous trail maps by MU Edizioni.¬†They were fabulous guides for a stranger in a strange land, with every roadside shrine, regional trails, mule tracks, houses, place names, shaded relief, the works. At scales of 1:12,500 (roughly half the scale or 4 times the resolution of your standard 1:24,000 USGS map) and 1:20,000. I realized the scale of my own trail map was headed in the wrong direction (smaller and smaller to fit more acreage, but so small the trails within the parks weren’t readable, which was the point of the map in the first place). First thing I got home was enlarge my map about 150%, from 1:30,000 to 1:20,000, and let the scale determine the paper size, rather than vice versa. The sights of the city have a lot more breathing room, and what falls off the map will fall on my next edition of the Coastside, plus (dare I introduce another map in progress) Marin Headlands/Tamalpais in 2011.

There are still hundreds of little things to clean up, and dozens of loose ends with the format, plus running it by agency folks for review, but the San Francisco map really will come out this summer. Pretty soon I’ll post some previews. Thanks to everyone for your patience!

I’m catching up with my other work; I’ll slip in a trip report when time permits, and San Francisco is underway.