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A place to sit on the Coastal Trail in Lands End

March 1, 2010

Walking recently on the Coastal Trail in Golden Gate National Recreation Area’s Lands End, we came across a trail crew busy working on the stairs that bypass the big 1922 landslide.

On the east side the trail crew has rebuilt the alternating granite and wood steps so they’re all stone (old curbstones extracted from the nearby underbrush) with a uniform rise and run. The crest has new wooden steps replacing an eroded step-down. And down the west side,  they removed the old, rotted wood bench on the north side of the trail, which had been a welcome resting spot, but whose view had disappeared behind a young cypress tree. In its place, masons built a handsome pair of stone benches on the uphill side of the trail. Each seats 2-4 people and provides a snippet of view west toward the Pacific.

Trails in GGNRA's Lands End (excerpted from Trails of San Francisco map)


The big stairway is located halfway between the Camino del Mar and Merrie Way, about 0.5 mile from each trailhead.