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The last shall be first…

February 16, 2010


I am an early adopter about some things, but I’m just about the last person in my family to start a blog. My dad has one, my partner started one last month. My brother and his wife each have one; even my niece’s guinea pig has one.

I’ve certainly read my share of blogs (particularly since getting DSL and marveling at the 2008 election). And I’ve found some really neat blogs, on topics ranging from public transit to trails to Alaskan politics.

I have taken a few stabs at making my website work like a blog, but with tools like WordPress and Blogspot, there’s no sense recreating the wheel (and all those links, folders, and self-updating archives). So here I am! I’m kinda excited.  It’s going to take a little while to get started — I went to add a link to the list and accidentally erased the page I was working on. And I’m the guy who says “save early and often.” I’ve reconstructed about half of my brilliant first post here, and as they say, it’s easier the second time around, and the rest I’ll catch later.

As I was writing a moment ago, my goal for this blog is to let you know about interesting projects and techniques relating to my freelance cartography business, Pease Press, and (if not too off-topic) other relevant aspects of my life. The other big chunk of content will be news of San Francisco Bay Area trails and neighborhoods. I publish a line of Bay Area trail maps. I don’t get a chance to update them on a regular basis, but I’m always finding new trails and hikes, and occasionally favorite trails fall into the brink. There are also a number of great websites and books out there which deserve mention, and/or links. 

No one platform is perfect, but I look forward to finding and sharing my voice about things that matter to me (environment, food, trails, neighborhood, hidden histories). And  connecting people with ideas, and linking to other, better voices. Here and in the real world.